Underfloor heating service  Nottingham

Our underfloor heating Nottingham service proudly offers you the best floor heating solutions at really affordable prices. We have years and years of experience serving Nottingham and the surrounding areas. Our key goal is customer satisfaction! Please give us a call today to get your family a new level of comfort in your home with our state of the art heated flooring. Rest assured your home will always be a source of warmth!

Why choose us.

We pride ourselves as  premier specialists when it comes to underfloor heating Nottingham.  More and more homes are choosing underfloor heating as their heating means as well as commercial properties. Not only is it cost effective compared to traditional means but also better for air quality and  definitely less intrusive than a radiator. Underfloor heating allows for space to move furniture as you please while warmng every part of your home from the ground up. It doesn’t matter if you chose wet or dry underfloor heating it is a very reliable and efficient type of heating. However, problems may occur with your system from time to time and repairs will need to be made.


wet underfloor-heating-nottingham-ng1 pipe serviceNeed underfloor heating repair?

Underfloor heating repairs are best done when you know what type of system you have.  A majority of families have a wet or hydroponic underfloor heating system.  Usually these are pipe that are laid under the floor.  The pipes connect to the boiler and allow hot warm water through them evenly.  You can install this type of underfloor heating through many different types of floors however the speed to which the floor heats up depends on what type of floor you have.

Electric or dry underfloor heating as the name suggest uses wires placed under the floor or within.  Electric underfloor heating is lighter than wet underfloor heating. Electric heating systems are great for both small and oddly shaped areas using loose fitting and flexible wiring or in large areas using electric cable systems and heating mats.  Electric underfloor heating works without a gas connection however maybe more costly than gas heated water systems. However they are much cheaper than LPG oil heated homes